Corporate info

Headquartered in Hong Kong and started business in 2014, we are a holding company conduct our business in Hong Kong through our wholly-owned subsidiaries. The Company provide accounting and corporate consultancy services to small and medium-sized businesses. 

Our services include financial reporting, corporate consultancy, pre-auditing and going public consultancy, corporate secretarial services, tax filing services and internal control advisory. The Company focused on assisting small to medium-sized corporations by providing “one-stop solutions” in financial consulting, corporate services, accounting and banking advisory services. The Company assists to design different growth strategies for each client based on many factors, including our assessment of the client’s financial and operational situations, market conditions, and the client’s business and financing requirements. As of March 31, 2021, the Company retained 341 client engagements, all of which are located in Hong Kong and mainland China. The Company’s goal is to become an international consulting company with clients and offices throughout Asia and the United States.

Our strengths enable the Company to capture opportunities in the financial service industry in China and differentiate it from the competitors. We built a highly-qualified professional service team with extensive experience in banking, accounting, taxation and company secretarial services. The majority of the members of our management team are Chartered Accountants with solid experience in accounting and corporate consultancy. Many of the Company’s current and former clients have achieved their business objectives as a result of its services. We believe our industry reputation will be a major drive for the continued growth of us. Over the past few years, the Company has established strong relationships with the relevant local government associations. The Company has intimate knowledge for how these governmental systems operate, which provides for a seamless working relationship with the relevant regulatory agencies and minimal regulatory issues during the process. Over the past few years, the Company has developed key third-party relationships with world-renown professionals in Asia and the United States, including those with deep industry experience in financial reporting, banking and financing. We believe this reflects both on the Company’s credibility and its commitment towards providing quality services to its clients. During the six years of our operation, the Company frequently works with Hong Kong sponsors for listing, auditors, commercial bankers and private bankers and other professionals in the corporate and finance industry on projects. Many of the Company’s new clients were generated through referrals from these third-party professional providers that it works with. These professional recognition of the Company’s services and referrals reflects its credibility and commitment toward providing quality services to its clients. In the event the Company’s clients need auditing, banking or other professional services, we have a reliable pool of candidates to recommend.

The Company believes that its professionalism, reputation, customer satisfaction and work product will be the greatest driver of new business. The Company also strives to maintain professional relationships with its former and prospective clients. The Company’ former clients have benefited from its services and have introduced its to prospective clients. After operating for more than 5 years, the Company compiled a database consisting of former and prospective clients, using each as a resource for business connections and social relations.